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How to Write Flash Fiction
almost 3 years ago

Flash fiction is also referred to as micro-fiction. It is one of the growing genres in literature. It is a short story that aims at telling the entire story with a limited word count. Flash fiction usually comprises of five hundred words. However, great flash fiction is the ones with less than four hundred words. There is no universal rule regarding the length of flash fiction. This has provided freedom when it comes to flash fiction.


There are certain aspects that one should touch on when writing flash fiction. These are brevity, character construction, as well as tense plotting. By considering these factors, your story will feel fully developed and have an impact on its readers. There are certain things that you should consider as you are writing flash fiction. One of them is that you need to shape your flash fiction story. It is appropriate that you start your story in the middle of the action. This is necessary since it helps in minimizing the count of words that you are going to use.


Another writing technique that you are supposed to employ is showing your readers only the tips of the iceberg. By starting in the middle of the action, you will be able to achieve this. You should also create your characters carefully, focus the story in a single moment in your character's life, as well as ending the story before the last sentence. These are some of the ways of shaping your flash fiction story. View website to learn more.


The other area that you have to focus on is the actual writing of your fiction story. When writing the story, there are a number of things that you must do. For instance, it is important that you write as concisely as possible. One should not use long explanations and multiple character development. It is also very important to focus on the last line. There is a significance of doing so even though you are not supposed to definite ending in your last line. The other thing that you are supposed to do when writing the story is cutting all the non-essential elements. Here is more info that you ought to read now.


And finally, you are supposed to read other flash fiction before publishing your own. Reading other examples is key. You must also look for feedback on your work. The last thing that you need to do is to send your work to online journals for publication.


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